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30th January 2018

There are ongoing opportunities for work experience with all council across the whole of Suffolk. Each council offers a variety of placements in services suited for all interests and career prospects.

Suffolk County Council and the district and borough councils provide work experience opportunities to support young people of different ages and ability.

Going on work experience provides you with an insight into working life, exploring career opportunities and developing your employability skills. Whether you are in your last two years of compulsory schooling or are taking a post-16 course, you are an undergraduate or looking to find a job, a work experience placement can help you shape your future decisions and improve your job prospects.

It is our aim to create a number of different options to fit young people’s needs and provide these at different times of the year so please check out these pages and get in contact.

We also aim to ensure that if you participate in any of these work experience programmes, you will be offered the opportunity to:

  • identify and develop employability and presentation skills, body language and confidence
  • receive advice on CV and application writing,  preparing for interview
  • undertake a mock interview
  • work towards accreditation

For further details about the placements and how to apply click here

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