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Agri-tech or Agricultural Technology is all about researching and developing new technologies and improving existing ones for sustainable food production.  It is a rapidly growing sector in the UK and across the world and with the world class drink, food and agriculture sector we have in Suffolk and Norfolk it is big business in our region too.

Some of the most significant food and drink companies in Europe have a major presence in Norfolk and Suffolk, including Adnams, British Sugar, Greene King, Colman’s (Unilever) and Muntons.

Agri-tech is a well-established and important UK sector. The entire agri-food supply chain, is estimated to contribute £96 billion to the UK economy.

A career in this sector could mean researching in-field phenotyping, precision farming, crop breeding, plant immunity investigation or it could mean developing tractors, combines or sprayers that can drive themselves, or how about developing a crop sensor that knows how much fertilizer a plant needs based on the amount of light reflected back to the sensor.

Robotic milking machines and data-gathering drones, have been used in the agricultural industry for a while now but the sector is growing and an increasing number of 'farmbots' are being developed which will be capable of tasks that are not possible for large scale agricultural machinery such as a 'lettuce bot' that will hoe weeds around the base of lettuces or a 'wine bot' which will prune vines.

If you are interested in becoming involved in this very exciting and growing sector, follow the various links for further information.

Did You Know?
There are nearly 280,000 farms in the UK.

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