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Designing, planning, contracting, building and maintaining are some words that come to mind when thinking about the construction industry.

A career in the construction industry has a huge amount to offer, it is your chance to leave your mark on our towns, cities and the environment in which we live. You could be involved in a project to construct a bridge or building which could become part of our history.

The job roles in the industry are numerous from designing houses, schools or factories to digger drivers, interior designers, plumbers and project managers to name but a few. What about becoming involved with new technology such as building information modeling (BIM) which brings together every component of a building digitally, allowing designers to see what it would look like and change different aspects before it is physically built.

As the construction industry starts booming again, reports suggest that the industry will be facing a huge skills shortage and will need people like you to come into the industry to fill the predicted skills gap!

Take a look at the local companies in the industry and follow the various links to find out more.

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