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Are you a virtual virtuoso?

Have you ever thought about making an app or a website or had a great idea for a game? Perhaps you’ve had an idea for a piece of software that could really help people. If you have, then a career in Design & Software could be for you.

This sector encompasses a range of digitally creative roles and technologies that deliver software products for use on computers, tablets and mobile phones, as well as in vehicles and in the latest machinery.

Social media, apps, websites, computer programs for businesses, digital health services, military and educational systems, instructions for industrial machinery, robots, vehicles, aircraft and ships, the latest video games and interactive story telling – as smart technology becomes more and more integrated into modern living, a career in this sector is a way to get involved in multiple different sectors of industry.

Whether you want to be a web developer, software engineer or digital artist, this sector will let you use your planning, testing, mathematical, artistic and creative skills to deliver software that can make a difference to people, entertain the masses or power the businesses and machinery of the modern world. You can explore the future now!  You might also want to explore Video Game Development.

Did You Know?
Gotham City mugger 'Joe Chill' may be responsible for 'creating' Batman in the comics, but developer Rocksteady Studios created the hugely successful Batman: Arkham series of games - here in the UK.

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