About Freight Forwarding

Freight forwarding or logistics is all about getting goods from A to B on time, this could be by train, plane, lorry or ship and also includes storing goods while they are waiting to be transported.

There are a huge range of career options within the logistics industry, it is not all about driving a lorry, there needs to be people to plan the routes, pack the goods, manage the warehouse, operate the forklift, manage the importing and exporting of goods as well as people to assist and manage the accounts, administration and HR.

As you can see there are a whole range of career options available and what’s more, the industry is desperately looking for more people to join them!

Norfolk and Suffolk have several ports including the largest container port in the UK so freight forwarding is big business in this region. Take a look at the different companies to see what they have to offer!

Did You Know?
38 million people in the UK use our ports for domestic journeys. Welcome aboard!

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