The Health and Social Care industry has a huge range of career opportunities for people from all academic backgrounds.

Healthcare is all about helping people who have problems with their physical health this could be in a hospital, surgery, dentists, opticians, pharmacy and in people’s homes. Some job roles will require professional qualifications whilst others will have on the job training.

Everybody at some point in their lives will be dependent upon the skills of a healthcare professional, in fact the NHS is one of the largest employers in the world.
The Social care side is more about helping people in the community and giving them support to improve their lives. A career in social care may involve working with children, young people, the elderly, people with disabilities, people with mental health issues and offenders.

Care is the key, if you care about the well-being of others, have excellent interpersonal skills, bucket loads of patience and you want to make a difference, a career in health and social care could be for you!

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