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The ICT, Tech & Digital Creative job sector is all about careers related to computer hardware and software, communications and network technologies.  This is the job sector for people with a love for digital technology and its application for public, commercial or entertainment purposes. 

Job areas include:

  • Software & Web (e.g. Programming software, apps and the design, build and maintenance of websites and online services)
  • IT Security, Networks & Infrastructure (e.g Working with and developing the infrastructure that supports commercial and public communications networks and the underlying services which facilitate the Internet..)
  • Video Game Development (e.g Coding for game-engines and AI, 3D level and character design, art direction, planning & game design concepts..)

Digital services, software and entertainment products are everywhere, on phones and tablets, laptops, desktop computers in the home or office, televisions, ATMs, virtual assistants  - even some fridges!  We live in an age of the 'smart device'.  All of these devices require initial firmware, software and apps to operate, often then connecting to the internet for the latest updates - meaning that there is more potential for software developers to forge a programming career than ever before.  If you like solving real-world problems with logic, maths or digital design then this could be the area for you.

If you have an interest or desire to know how and why online services work from the software down to the circuit boards, then IT security, Networks and Infrastructure might be where you want your career start.  Web and app hosting requires professionals with both network and hardware knowledge, providing the storage and security for all our online information, whether publicly available via websites and services or through company or government networks.  Meanwhile, broadband and telephone / communications engineers develop and maintain the physical infrastructure that pushes all this information along - the actual cables and wires and exchanges that support the country's wider communications network.  

Finally, the video games have become a $138 billion industry globally, maturing over the last 50 years to offer complex virtual experiences and entertainment to a wide demographic.  Coders (programmers), designers, 3D-artists, level designers and more are needed to support thousands of software development studios who produce and support games and game-related products.  Do you want to create exciting entertainment experiences or emotional digital stories?  If so, take a look at our Video Game Development area.    

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