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Working for yourself (Self Employment)



9th April 2024

Did you know that we've got a section with some starting information for people considering working for themselves?

4.31 million people in the UK were self-employed in April-June 2023 according to the ONS, enjoying the freedom to determine their own goals, working conditions, hours and salary. 

Working for yourself broadly means running your own operation to earn money and largely being in charge of what you do - and how you do it.  You could do this on your own or with others, from premises, your home or even a vehicle - and the products or services that you provide could be new, different or the same as those already on offer.

When considering what you could do, think about your passions, interests, skills and the resources you have available, as well as the gap or niche that your idea would fill.  Learn more about the basics of working for yourself, including ideas for self employment.

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