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Job Description

Contributes to sales strategy by working with current lines of clothing to make them appeal to changing customer tastes also removing lines from shops in exchange for new products. They manage a tight schedule of deciding what to put out (according to what is about to go into fashion), what production techniques to use, where to find the materials needed to make the clothes at the best price and get them to the clothes production factory on time to get the finished products in the shop just as they come into fashion in order to gain maximum profit. They also help to manage the buying team, but communicating what is needed to do their job, such as booking meetings with possible suppliers, as well as booking and coordinating sales demonstrations and presentations for retailers who will eventually buy their products.

Entry Requirements

You can get this job by working hard in other parts of the buying team, from a Buyer's Admin Assistant, Assistant buyer and Junior Buyer. You can qualify as an Assistant or Junior buyer, but you will only achieve the title of "Buyer" after working hard and proving yourself to the head of the buying team. Think about getting GCSE in textiles, art, product design or business studies. These will give you an insight to the process that is involved and the design skills that might be needed. If you can, try to do these at either A-Level, BTEC or HND level. These will give you the skills needed to get onto degree course that will qualify you for the job.

Required Skills

Excellent communication skills, the ability to influence others, commercial awareness, organised, good negotiation skills, a creative flair, able to work under pressure, determination and the ability to reach set targets.

Starting Salary

£16,000 to £25,000

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