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Job Description

The Merchant Navy is the collective name for the UK's commercial shipping industry which is involved in the transportation of items by sea on ships including ferries, cruise and container ships. The Merchant Navy Officer could be involved in leading and managing a team as well as more practical tasks on-board the vessel.

Entry Requirements

Normally recruited as part of a training scheme which involves studying at a nautical college and gaining hands on experience on-board a commercial vessel. A degree in civil, electrical or marine engineering could be an advantage and enable you to fast track your route to becoming an officer.

Required Skills

  • The ability to remain calm in difficult situations
  • Good team working skills
  • Able to make decisions
  • Problem solving abilities
  • A good knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Resourcefulness and flexibility

Starting Salary

£25,000 to £27,000

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