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Job Description

Networks are essential to businesses. Network Designers will design networks in terms of where wires, routers, switches, workstations and other technologies will be within a business/over a wider area, as well as implementing and running them. They will also maintain technological contracts, software licences as well as troubleshoot network/hardware problems and coordinate training for end users

Entry Requirements

A degree or HND in computer science, network design and management, information systems or similar would be an advantage.  You may be able to get started at an apprentice.

Required Skills

  • Excellent computer skills
  • Good problem solving skills
  • A good understanding of the business requirements
  • Good interpersonal skills with the ability to make presentations where necessary
  • Able to make decisions and work on own initiative as well as working well as part of a team

Starting Salary

£24,000 to £31,000

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