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Job Description

Comedians are professional performers who make people laugh for a living via organised comedy events, gigs, comic publications, TV, radio and film. Most comedians will work on a freelance basis and rates of pay and hours can vary hugely.

Most comedians will work local 'circuits' at clubs, bars and comedy events and festivals, or they may submit recorded or written work to publications and broadcasters.  Those that 'break through' in stand-up performance go on to organise regional or national tours of their routines, taking a proportion of the ticket sales for those who come to see them.  Very successful stand-ups may appear regularly on televised events and have regular spots on comedy panel shows.

Comedy writers normally specialise in authoring material for publication (e.g. satire, comedy scripts) or for use by other actors or comedians in theatre, radio or television.

Entry Requirements

Experience in stand-up comedy performance (for stand-up) or the ability to convey comedic aspects through scripts and articles (Comedy Writer)

Personal qualities, talent and charisma are regarded as more important rather than any specific qualifications for this role, though an interest in English, literature, popular culture and current affairs will help.

You will need to have an original 'take' on subjects that most people are familiar with in order to connect with your audience.  

Required Skills

  • The ability to make people laugh
  • Stage presence or a compelling writing style
  • You will need to be confident and courageous, resilient, determined
  • You need to know the difference between Four Candles and Fork Handles

Starting Salary

£1 to £100,000

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