Primary School Resources - Education / Schooling Resources

Primary School Resources - Education / Schooling Resources

A non-exhaustive list of resources.*

 Primary School Resources

  • Lots of resources and activities for Primary School aged children
  • Including: Oxford Owl for Home, Audible, BBC Bitesize and more
  • For: Primary School Children & their Parents / Teachers
  • PhonicsPlay
    • All resources are free for the duration of school closures.
  • Teacher's Pet
    • Lots of activity packs for home learning.  Writing, Reading, Maths and more.
  • Purple Mash
    • Computing and digital skills across the curriculum.
  • Emile
    • App that has curriculum for numeracy and SPaG with some phonics.
  • Robin Hood MAT
    • Learning projects for EYFS and primary pupils.
  • TTS
    • Curriculum focused, with over 40 home learning activities.
  • Classroom Secrets
    • Activities for children to use independently.
  • National Literacy Trust
    • Family Zone has simple activities to engage children at home.
  • Prodigy Maths
    • U.S. grading, but good for UK Primary age too.
  • Cbeebies Radio
    • Listening activities for younger ones.
  • Oxford Owl for Home
    • Lots of free resources for Primary age.  English, Reading, Maths etc.
  • The Imagination Tree
    • Creative art and craft activities for the very youngest.
  • Toy Theater
    • Educational online games.
  • Audible
    • Free audio books available whilst schools are closed.
  • Authorfy
    • Interactive masterclasses, downloadable activities and school club resources.
  • Literacy Shed
    • Free resources for Key stage 1 and 2.
  • The Children’s Poetry Archive
    • Listen to poems read out loud and get tips on how to write them.
    • Activities and games that are ideal for working at home.
  • Topmarks
    • Educational resources for all ages, mostly are free but some require a subscription.
  • BBC Bitesize
    • Interactive resources that cover the curriculum.
  • STEM Learning
    • Science resource package that supports home learning.
    • Over 400 educational games.
  • Cool Math
    • Free online maths games.
  • White Rose Maths
    • Series of five maths lessons available to each year group from Year 1-8. Every week there are five more added.
  • Tablemaster
    • A great way for children to practice times tables.
  • Out Of the Ark Music
    • Nurseries and Primary school singing resources to help keep children practising and learning to sing.

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*None of the resources on this page are owned, hosted, produced by or monitored by icanbea.  All resources mentioned are provided in good faith as general recommendations for online learning.  Please exercise the normal caution when accessing online materials (on the Internet and) external to the icanbea platform.

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