Event Booking Form

Event Booking Form

What is icanbea...?

icanbea... is a careers website and app aimed at 12-25 year olds across Norfolk and Suffolk. The site is completely free to use and it is administered by The Mason Trust as part of our charitable remit, with support from the local authorities.

The website highlights career options to young people which they may not have thought of previously and allows them to see the wide range of 370+ local organisations on the site that they could potentially work for. icanbea... provides information about industries and what they offer, it allows young people to like and follow those industries and organisations that interest them. The website has live opportunities including apprenticeships, full/part time jobs, volunteering and work experience that young people can apply for. 

What the team can do for you

We work with schools/colleges/job centres/training providers in both counties to help students and job seekers find out about local organisations and the opportunities they have to offer.

The workshops are tailored to fit in with your school day and the year group you have in mind. If required we can run back to back sessions which will enable us to deliver to a whole year group in one day. We ask that all students have access to computers, laptops or tablets so they can use the website themselves, we would also need a projector and screen to allow us to demonstrate the site. 

The type of workshop sessions offered are:

  • 30 minute session(s) will include going through the careers wizard and generally running through the website.
  • 1 hour session(s) will include going through the careers wizard, generally running through the website, information regarding apprenticeships (dependant on year group), a talk from our own apprentice and interactive careers games. 

Careers Fairs
The team sometimes attends select careers fairs, though our resource is currently prioritised for interactive classroom-based workshops which we feel have a more immediate impact.  Feel free to check our career fair availability.  

If there are any other activities or events you would like us to attend, please let us know. 

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