Green Futures

Green Futures

Your planet needs you!

Green Futures is about green careers and the skills you need to access them. Read on to find out about the environmental challenges we face, the solutions and some of the sectors you can work in to make a difference.

Are you interested in fighting climate change and the effects it is having on humans, plants and animals?

Human-induced climate change since the 1800s has primarily been caused by burning fossil fuels such as gas, coal and oil. 

Long-term changes in weather patterns and rising temperatures are already having disastrous effects on living things and their environments.  Your future career could see you at the forefront a new green-industrial revolution, environmental science, protecting and improving crops and forests or saving endangered species and their environments.

Do you know what ‘Net-Zero’ means and how it relates to global warming?

Net-zero means drastically reducing carbon emissions from human activity and then storing or removing any residual emissions leaving none in our atmosphere.

We actually need naturally occurring greenhouse gases (GHGs) to trap heat from the Sun and stop the Earth from getting too cold, but additional carbon emissions from industry have sent global temperatures soring upwards.  We need to reach net zero by 2050 in order to avoid the worst impacts of climate change to life on our planet.

Did you know that almost every job has the potential to become ‘green’ (or greener) as the world moves to address climate change and embrace sustainability?

The world is now crying out for ‘green-skilled’ professionals to turn things around through scientific and technical innovation, conservation and environmentally friendly projects, and through every-day day acts of reducing waste, emissions and increasing sustainability. 

From committing to using recyclable products in your salon, to installing solar panels for your workshop, to using science to devise new methods of carbon capture – all of us can make a difference on our career-journeys by learning new green skills and sustainable practices.

Use the links below to find out more about career paths that will help us tackle climate change, achieve net zero emissions and embrace sustainability.

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