Skillsometer (LMI For All)

Skillsometer (LMI For All)

This Skills-o-meter can help you discover what jobs you might like to do in the future.


  • Hit 'Start Quiz' and you will be presented with a series of statements
  • Select the emoji that shows how you feel about each statement
  • The progress bar that the bottom shows how close you are to completion
  • Once you run out of cards on all of the panels, you will be given suggestions of jobs linked to what you most enjoy doing

Once you've identified some jobs, you could find out more about them and compare them to others using the Career-o-meter. Both the Skills-o-meter and the career-o-meter are widgets provided by the LMI for All project and use national data.  Don't forget that you can explore local Norfolk and Suffolk careers information through icanbea... using tools like our own Careers Wizard and Job Ideas database.

The Skillsometer provided by the LMI for All service has been designed for those who are not sure what jobs they may be interested in. Thinking about skills, interests and the ways these can link to jobs can be a helpful first step in identifying possible future jobs. Users take the quiz, which requires them to reflect on a number statements and decide what they love, are not sure about or dislike.

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About LMI For All

LMI for All is an online data portal, developed by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, which brings together existing national sources of high quality labour market information (LMI) that can inform people’s choices about their careers. After successfully completing its pilot stage, LMI for All has been given full project status.

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Further information

If you have any question relating to the Skillsometer widget or the data it provides, please visit or contact their team at

Please note that the widget embedded on this page and the data it provides belongs to the LMI for All project, and has not been developed by, nor is affiliated with icanbea... or The Mason Trust. 

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