Coming Soon! - Employer Videos

Coming Soon! - Employer Videos

Through projects like Youth Pledge for Employers (part funded by ESF) we've been talking to employers finding out what it’s like to work in their worlds.

Though lots of these are local to Norfolk and Suffolk, helping young people in the region find out more about what’s on their doorstep, they are equally valuable for those from further afield, wanting to find out more about careers in different sectors.

There's a suite of these employer videos coming in March for young people and people who work with them, such as parents, teachers and careers leads.

You can use these videos to inspire you to find out more information or get advice about what would work best for you as an individual, or the young people that you work with.

You might see some previews of these videos across the site already, and we'll highlight the full suite as soon as they are available.

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