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24/7 Video Careers Fair (YPfE)

Norfolk and Suffolk

Welcome to your 24/7 Video Careers Fair!

We want to make sure that everyone has as much information as possible about careers and employment. 

We know that Covid has made it hard to get into places for work experience and not everyone feels as confident as they did. So, we thought we would work with some of our project partners to bring the Careers Fair to you!

Through projects like Youth Pledge for Employers, part funded by ESF, (find out more about YPFE below), we have been talking to employers finding out what it’s like to work in their worlds. Though lots of these are local to Norfolk and Suffolk, helping young people in the region find out more about what’s on their doorstep, they are equally valuable for those from further afield, wanting to find out more about careers in different sectors.

Use these videos to inspire you to find out more information or get advice about what would work best for you as an individual.* Handily organised into sector groups, you can click on the tiles below to find the different videos for each industry.

You can also:

Check out our top tips below for getting the best from these videos

Get information, advice and careers guidance website for young people in Norfolk (Help You Choose)

See advice and information for young people in Suffolk (The Source)

The videos

(Click on one of the areas below to see the relevant content)

*All video content is intended for information only and does not constitute specific advice and guidance. All views and opinions expressed in these videos belong to the individuals and do not represent Norfolk County Council, Suffolk County Council or The Mason Trust who can accept no liability for these. All our videos are edited for content but if you do have a query or wish to make a complaint, please contact youthpledgeforemployers@norfolk.gov.uk

Top Tips

  • After you have checked out the videos, you can also see if the organisation has a page about them or find out more about the industries themselves
  • As we have a wide variety of micro, small and medium-sized employers in our region, it may be handy to listen to some of the videos outside of the industries you are interested in, if you are keen to find out more about support functions, like HR, sales, and accountancy. Sometimes employers from other sectors talk about these as though they sit under another industry, for example, Engineering, they may have these departments as part of their organisation.
  • We have also tagged employers who are entrepreneurs if you are interested in finding out about the journeys of people who have done something different and started their own business.
  • If you have additional needs, you can also check out organisations who are signed up to the Disability Confident
  • You can use our CV Wizard to build a fab CV if you are interested in working somewhere or to apply for a position that is being advertised.
  • If you are applying for a specific job, find out more about our Skills Matching tool to enhance your application (insert link to skills matching?)

Youth Pledge for Employers

We are Youth Pledge for Employers and we are a project, part-funded by the European Social Fund, running right here in Norfolk and Suffolk. We are all about wanting to bring young people locally (and everywhere in fact) work inspiration, experience, and employment opportunities.

Our team of Business Connectors in Norfolk and Suffolk basically go out and ask local businesses to help young people by offering to do talks, tours, taster days or mentoring or by providing apprenticeships, work experience or trials or even employment. We try to work with businesses to work out what they can offer – everyone can do something as it takes less than half an hour to do a talk with us.

We even have an Opportunities Connector who then takes all those brilliant opportunities and shares them with organisations who help young people. These include schools, colleges, job centres, other projects, voluntary, community and social enterprises so we all work together to create a network of information and resources to help young people across the region.

We are very lucky that our partners, Norfolk County Council, Suffolk County Council and The Mason Trust (who run icanbea...) are all passionate about working with young people.

The idea of the 24/7 Careers Fair comes from the brilliant partnership with The Mason Trust. We know from talking to young people that it can be hard to find out more about careers for all sorts of reasons. You may live in a rural area that makes it hard to get to places, you may not have access to lots of careers’ information or you just may not feel confident enough to go out to employers or events. We hope the 24/7 Careers fair brings information to everyone to give you all an opportunity to learn more about jobs, wherever you are at in your life.

If you have any questions about the project or videos, please get in touch with us youthpledgeforemployers@norfolk.gov.uk

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