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Equine Sports Massage, Old Cart Lodge, Church Rd, Twinstead, Sudbury, CO10 7NA

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Back In The Saddle is a Massage Therapy service that offers horses and their riders a unique, physical therapy support system, with deep tissue body work and sports massages for the maintenance of overall health and fitness, specialising in remedial therapy with fitness/rehabilitation plans when in recovery from accident or injury.

The company is run by Catherine Dachtler IIHHT ITec (Equine) VTCT who has over 30 years’ experience as a professional masseuse, equine handler, competitor and owner.

We are a conscientious ethical business which means that our core values are morally based and driven around the use of natural alternative therapies that can supplement veterinary care and are promoted to be an integral part of horses’ routine care and management.


Our full suite of services includes rider fitness, learn to massage your horse workshops, retreat spa getaways, demos & lectures, rider sports massage, horse massage and rehabilitation livery service.

All of our massage therapy is based on a thorough/deep understanding of how muscles work, how locomotion effects everything, and how everything affects efficient locomotion. Understanding the muscle types, their fibres, their directions, their origin and insertion to bones, their influence on joints and understanding muscles on their own or as a group. A physio needs to see a horse move and understand from a bio-mechanically trained eye how to maintain and/or improve effective locomotion.

Catherine's Mindful Touch methodology has been developed over the last 30 years and sets her hands on therapy apart from regular sports massage. She uses this practice on both horses and people after confirming her experiences, knowledge and sixth sense can produce amazing results, simply. Evidence of the success of this technique means that Catherine is keen to teach others to use this directly on their own horses.


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