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BT is a global communications company, with customers in more than 170 countries. Innovative and dynamic, we’re using the power of computing, IT and communications to make a better world. Crucially, we’re committed to doing so in a responsible, sustainable way.

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Did you know?

  • In the UK alone, we manage some 21 million customers undertaking 12 million transactions every day. We connect a broadband line every 10 seconds, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • 18 out of the top 20 high street financial organisations depend on BT’s network to provide services to their customers. We process 80% of all UK credit card transactions – that’s more than 400,000 per hour.
  • We’re the UK’s biggest user of green energy. Almost half of our waste produce is recycled, and in the last ten years, we’ve cut our CO2 emissions by 60%. Since 2001, Dow Jones has named BT the Sustainability Leader among the world’s telecommunications companies for five years running.


People join us for many different reasons, it all depends on what they’re looking for.

For some, it’s because they want a chance to shape the future, and drive forward a new era of change. For others, it’s because of the way that we look after our people, and encourage them to get the best out of themselves.

Or maybe, because they want a foundation of technical training and experience that will open doors throughout the industry. Or simply because they like helping people get the very best out of today’s communications technology.

Business Apprenticeship
If you're looking to gain the skills and qualifications to establish a career in the commercial world, then look no further than BT's business apprenticeships. As you would expect with a company the size of BT we have a wide range of options available which will give all the training and experience you need to thrive.

Technical Apprenticeship
BT is a world leader in the telecommunications industry and is the perfect place to develop a technical career. If you want to help keep our customers connected and be at the heart of the innovation that is shaping the way we live and work, then a BT technical apprenticeship could be the perfect choice for you.

UK Graduate Programme
We offer a huge variety of graduate opportunities across the UK. We hire people with amazing potential to take on challenging responsibilities. People who bring lots of brilliant ideas and the ability to make them a reality. With the amount of opportunity that exists, where you decide to take your career is up to you.

UK Internships
If you're a penultimate year student looking for a summer placement, or a second year student looking for a year in industry, you can apply for one of our internship programmes.

For further information about BT and the opportunities we have to offer, please take a look at our apprentice and graduate recruitment websites and follow us on icanbea...

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