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Unit 9 Norfolk House, Williamsport Way, Lion Barn Industrial Estate, Needham Market, IP68RW

About us

Care Careers Suffolk promotes careers in adult social care, to support the growing need for care sector employees across Suffolk and the UK.

Our friendly team give help, guidance and advice to people thinking about embarking on a rewarding career in care. This could be supporting an individual with their first step on the career ladder, or assisting someone with a change in career to one that can make a real difference.

We can help with information on apprenticeships, work placements, or volunteering and give advice regarding the huge variety of job roles within health and social care, and what you need to succeed. We also support care sector employers.

Care Careers Suffolk is part of The Suffolk Brokerage, an independent non-profit organisation dedicated to raising care standards by providing impartial advice, guidance and information to support Suffolk’s health and social care sector.

Interested in care?

Helping other people is what a career in care is all about – but there are so many ways you can do this. Starting off on one branch of the career tree, is not always where you’ll end up. You might find something you are more interested in and have the right skills for, and go in another direction. Although qualifications and experience are important, for many entry roles they are not necessary. It’s more about what you bring to the job in terms of empathy and your life skills - for example your experiences of caring for a loved one.

A career in care will give you the chance to learn new things and challenge yourself whilst, at the same time, undertake the relevant training you need to progress to the next level of qualifications - and new job roles. The sorts of qualities you need to work in care are things like compassion, respect, empathy, integrity, adaptability and treating people with dignity. You can find more information about what employers are looking for under values based recruitment.

To find out more about working as a care professional visit our Careers Page where you can read about the different career pathways as well as viewing current vacancies.


Apprenticeships are a good way of finding out whether care is for you. Many organisations offer them as a way of combining full-time study with hands-on experience. We can offer advice, support and information about care apprenticeships, and put you in touch with one of our care professionals to find out what it’s like to work in the sector.

If you would like to know more about apprenticeships in care, view our Apprenticeship Page.


”I wanted to work in the care sector and train to support people with learning disabilities, but wasn’t sure how I could do it. I originally attended college, but with advice from Care Careers Suffolk I was then able to progress on to an apprenticeship.

I wanted to learn this way because it is a more practical way of gaining a qualification, instead of just reading and writing about it. I have learned a range of skills and knowledge by training on the job which has helped my confidence.

“My job is very varied and I support people with everyday living so they can live their lives how they want to. I also assist them with activities in the community such as going to the cinema and shopping, and attending appointments. I find it very rewarding and I definitely want to carry on with this type of care work.”

- Jessica Townley, Apprentice, Orwell Housing Association

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To find out more about what we can offer please visit our website.

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