Chet Valley Vineyard

The Chet Valley Vineyard Ltd. Mere farm House, Whiteheath Rd., Bergh Apton, Norwich, Norfolk, UK, NR15 1BT

About Us

Nestled in the sheltered, sun-soaked fields of Bergh Apton, South Norfolk, Chet Valley Vineyard’s single estate vineyard spans over 10 hectares of family-owned land, producing a sensitively maintained range of high-quality grapes, from champagne varieties to germanic crosses. Benefitting from the English vineyard’s rich terroir, alongside the skills of passionate winemaker John Hemmant, our carefully curated final bottles form a collection of award-winning artisan English wines year-on-year, from fruit-forward rosés to aromatic whites.

The Chet Vineyard is the maker of premiere sparkling wine in Norfolk, it grows the grapes on site and makes the wine in its new winery. The Chet Valley Vineyard produces 9000 bottles a year and is increasing production up to 20,000 over coming years. Chet Valley Vineyard allows people to get involved by leasing vines, joining the wine club or coming to help during the grape harvest or by staying at the holiday let on site  Wine tasting and tours are organised from March to October. The Chet Valley Vineyard is innovative both in its vine care and wine making. We endeavour to be a sustainable organisation and are a member of the Wine GB sustainability group.


‘A family-run artisan winemaker, striving for quality’

Since planting the first vines at Chet Valley Vineyard over a decade ago, owners John and Bridget Hemmant have worked tirelessly to manage the Norfolk winery with a uniquely sustainable philosophy, deeply rooted in respect for the natural elements of winemaking and their beautiful environment. On-site, they maintain complex permaculture – carefully optimising field space and growing a variety of plants and crops, whilst marrying technical expertise with a unique sensitivity to the grape in the winery. The result? A gorgeous natural space for visitors to explore, and a range of equally sustainable wine, and delectable bottles.

What We Offer

Meet John The Winemaker

Following a sustainable philosophy deeply rooted in respect for the natural elements of winemaking, John marries technical expertise with a distinctive sensitivity to the grape varieties at each stage of our unique process, challenging convention and capturing individual elements of varietal character, aromas, and flavours.

Chet Valley Vineyard’s head winemaker, John Hemmant, believes the value of our wine spans far beyond its exceptional taste, having aimed since planting the first vine in 2010 to deliver a diverse and immersive experience to casual visitors and aficionados alike, both within, and outside of the vineyard. Whether people are seeking a hands-on tour at the centre of the action, an exclusive event venue, a unique British vineyard holiday in the English countryside, or even a guided tasting session from the comfort of their home Vineyard has an offering for all.


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