Do you know what a data centre is and what happens inside one?

Data centres are the ‘brains’ behind our modern world, home to important servers and ICT infrastructure that we all depend on in the same way that we depend on electricity.

Data centres support every aspect of digital living, from gaming or shopping online, to watching YouTube or calling your mates, and there are thousands of data centres around the globe! A single data centre provides the critical functions for tens, hundreds or even thousands of customer organisations that could be located anywhere in the world and all this connectivity relies on network cable infrastructure to carry the data at lightning speeds! Together, data centres and network infrastructure form the ‘digital infrastructure’ industry.

The digital infrastructure industry has career opportunities for everyone, whether you’re into technology, sales, marketing, finance, HR, design…to name just a few!

About us

CNet Training, an Uptime Education company, is the largest education provider in the world dedicated to the digital infrastructure industry, comprising the data centre and network infrastructure sectors. CNet is recognised throughout the world for being the global industry leader and has received numerous international awards for its work. CNet is the only industry dedicated education provider to award both internationally recognised Pearson qualifications and professional certifications, starting at entry level through to a qualification level 7 Masters Degree program.

A significant part of CNet’s history is the development of the highly respected Global Digital Infrastructure Education Framework, which enables industry professionals to plan their education, qualifications and certifications to meet both their individual career goals and the business needs of the role they are working in.

CNet Training delivers programs in locations across the world and via live Instructor-led remote attendance classes.


CNet Training delivers technical education programs for the data centre and network infrastructure sectors, from entry level to Masters Degree level. Entry level programs include the Data Centre Fundamentals (DCF®) and Network Infrastructure Fundamentals (NIF®) – both are one-day programs designed to give learners a comprehensive overview of the basics of the industry. CNet’s advanced programs are from 3-10 days in duration and are designed to address the skill and knowledge requirements of those working in all different areas of the digital infrastructure industry, including cable installation, data centre design, project management, auditing, sustainability and more. CNet also offers the world’s only Masters Degree in Data Centre Leadership and Management, and the UK’s first government-funded Apprenticeship for Network Cable Installation.


CNet Training worked in collaboration with major employers in the digital infrastructure industry to develop The Network Cable Installer (NCI®) Apprenticeship. It is perfect for young people who want to get into the industry and earn while they learn. It will help them acquire the knowledge to complete both copper and fibre cable installation projects and demonstrate the highest levels of skills and expertise in network cabling infrastructures.

Apprentices will also gain the desired levels of competency and confidence to install Smart Building technology such as wireless access devices, VoIP telephony, CCTV cameras, door access controls and biometric security systems.

The Network Cable Installer NCI® Apprenticeship is the UK’s first government-funded apprenticeship for network cable installation. CNet is an approved Main Provider of the Network Cable Installer NCI® Apprenticeship. > Find out more

Careers information and training opportunities

CNet Training is on a mission to raise awareness of the fantastic opportunities that are available in the digital infrastructure industry and inspire young people to follow careers in the data centre and network infrastructure sectors. A selection of industry created videos are available here to help explain what a data centre is and their impact on daily life….have a look at the high security environments required in a data centre as well as ‘a day in the life’ of someone who works in the industry.

For more information and training opportunities, follow us here on icanbea... and use the links provided to our website.

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