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About us

You may have just left school and unsure about future plans, or currently at university searching for graduate jobs, or even wanting a change in career – there’s a different story and different route for everyone in this sector.   

We work with 25 top employers across the energy and utilities sector offering a number of jobs that include a wide range of technical and engineering roles and commercial roles. We need people with a wide range of expertise from IT, HR or Finance to Civil Engineers and Project Managers. The sector is going to recruit 221,000 people over the next 10 years, so there are many opportunities for career progression.

Civil Engineer, CEO, Electrical Technician or Communications Assistant – there’s a story behind everyone.

It’s easy. You join, we upload job opportunities, and you take your first steps towards launching a career in the UK’s energy and utilities sector.

About the Energy & Utility Sector

The sector covers our basic everyday needs. Having clean water to wash with, a working oven to cook a meal, street lights when driving at night and a team of people collecting your rubbish.

This is a fast-paced, constantly evolving and rewarding environment. And it needs your skills to keep it powered: within the next ten years, the workforce needs to increase by over 200,000.

Delivering over half of the government’s physical and organisational structures, including transportation, sewage and power supplies, the companies provide us with power, light, heat, fresh drinking water, waste removal, safe sanitation, environmental protection and recycling.

With a huge variety of technical, field and office-based careers, this diverse industry offers opportunity for career progression.

The main industries in the sector include:

There are thousands of operating companies, from household-names to regionally-based suppliers and small, independently-owned specialists.

Your Career

There are essential services the energy and utilities sector covers every day. From lighting and heating homes, to the development of ever-cleaner, smarter technologies. The career opportunities are almost endless.

As well as technical and engineering jobs, there are a number of roles within the different industries that you may have never thought existed.

Throw any stereotypes out the door – there are a whole range of jobs and career paths for you to explore.
From a skilled craftsman to a business analyst, from a technician to a commercial administrator – that skill you feel most proud about has a role catered for in this sector.

When thinking about your career, don’t think this sector is just for boys. To reflect the diverse job opportunities, the sector wants to reflect our society. We need more women in STEM careers, more women in engineering, and individuals from a wide range of backgrounds.   

Find your feet, allow yourself to grow and enjoy a career where you see the benefits day in day out.

The energy and utilities sector offers career paths for:

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If you would like to know more about what we offer or how you could have a career in the energy and utility sector then visit our website.

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