Equal Lives

Suite 222, Sackville Place 44 - 48 Magdalen Street Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1JU

About Us

We are a disability rights organisation based in Norfolk and Suffolk. We exist to support people of any age who face disabling barriers and we are dedicated to making their voices heard. We are a user led organisation (ULO), meaning we are led by people who access care and support services themselves - with every member of our board identifying as disabled.  

We believe in supporting people to empower themselves to live independent lives. We do this through valuable services including Information & Advice, Advocacy, Shop mobility and Campaigning. 

Our mission for disabled people’s independence is why we work to the Social Model of Disability. Developed by disabled people, this model is a progressive way of viewing the world and says that individuals are limited by barriers within society and not by their own impairments or differences. Our aim is to breakdown these disabling barriers and work with people to achieve the life they choose.

What we do

  • Campaigning on issues that directly affect people. We will endeavour to influence policy and government decisions to benefit people.

  • Provide Advice and Information for day-to-day tasks of living

  • A Shop mobility Scheme based in Norwich

  • Provide Advocacy for example someone needs to make a complaint about something and have difficulty communicating 

  • Payroll services to those whom employ their own PA or carer

  • Membership services including a closed Facebook group and ways to meet new people 

Volunteering at Equal Lives 

Do you have some spare time and would like to be part of the change?

We know that volunteering during a pandemic can be a little intimidating. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure a safe working environment for all our volunteers. Most volunteer roles have now been facilitated to be remote, rather than site based, to remove the anxiety that comes with working in an environment other than your home.  We’ve also moved all meetings onto Teams and all training now takes place online. 

We have a range of volunteer opportunities to suit lots of people. Take a look at which of our departments you think you'd fit in to and get in touch for an informal chat!

For further volunteering information visit: https://www.equallives.org.uk/volunteer-faq 

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