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Kickstart (Moped / Scooter Service)

8 Royson Way, Dereham, Norfolk, NR19 1WD

About Us 

Kickstart is a charity based in Dereham, Norfolk. Starting in 1996 as a non-profit organisation, Kickstart became a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee in 2003. Set up to provide an alternative transport service across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Rutland to individuals with a transport need, we are proud to state that since 1996 we have assisted over 7,000 people, with over 4,800 of these going on to secure employment, training or education.

One of the main barriers identified as to why an individual is not able to address complex barriers to employment or to secure, attend or sustain employment, training or education is the lack of transport. Having to rely on public transport, spend large parts of their budget on travel expenses or rely on family and friends to provide them with a lift often places a heavy burden on both the individual and those around them. This burden can lead to the individual giving up on their future all together and Kickstart wants to prevent this from happening.

When transport is a problem, Kickstart will get you there

The Kickstart Moped Scheme

Kickstart was established to assist people residing within the Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire areas to address complex barriers to employment, secure and start employment, training or education, we also help individuals to sustain their current employment. To achieve this, Kickstart offer our service user an affordable means of transport to provide them with the flexibility and independence they require to improve their lives.

Kickstart's standard model of operation provides the service user with either a Honda Vision 50cc Moped or 110cc Scooter that is insured, taxed, MOT'd and maintained by our qualified, in house mechanics. Anyone aged 16 and above who is eligible to hold, or currently holds a EU/UK driving licence can apply to join the scheme if they can attain insurance and afford the hire contributions. 

As a charity, Kickstart's number 1 priority is rider safety therefore, prior to issuing an individual with a moped they will be required to be in possession of  valid Compulsory Basic Training (CBT) Certificate, Safety Helmet, Armoured Motorcycle Jacket and pair of Motorcycle Gloves.  

The Kickstart Application Process

Making an application to be considered for the Kickstart Moped Scheme and potential funding could not be easier, simply call our friendly team on 01362 699923 and we will complete the application with you over the phone, alternatively, click on  apply now, and then download and complete the application form. Once completed, you will need to save a copy of the form and then email it to us at info@kickstartmopeds.org.uk

Funding Opportunities

Kickstart aims to provide an affordable Moped Scheme that is accessible to all individuals residing across Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and Rutland. However, due to the initial costs required to join the scheme, many individuals are not able to raise the necessary funds. Therefore, to ensure where possible, the Moped Scheme is accessible to every individual who has a transport need, Kickstart will research, apply for and attempt to secure funding to pay for the individual to attend Compulsory Bike Training (CBT) , be issued with a Safety Helmet, Armoured Motorcycle Jacket and pair of Motorcycle Gloves.

On receipt of a Kickstart Application all potential funding streams are researched by our team to ensure we can provide the cheapest financial option to the individual. Provided below, are details of current potential funding, which includes:

Click here for more information to find out about how Kickstart can help you with transport in Norfolk and some Suffolk areas. 

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