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Kier’s purpose is to sustainably deliver infrastructure which is vital to the UK. We are a leading provider of infrastructure services, construction and property developments and committed to delivering for communities and leaving lasting legacies through our work.

In 2020, we launched our sustainability framework, Building for a Sustainable World. It focuses on two key components; environmental sustainability and social sustainability and this approach aims to safeguard three vital features; a resilient environment, a resilient community and a resilient balance sheet.

We are committed to attracting, retaining and progressing talent within Kier, with a diverse, and resilient workforce that reflects the communities we serve.

What we can offer you

Kier owes its success to its employees. That’s why we support the talented and enthusiastic young people, like you, who will devote their time to Kier, and why we nurture the next generation.

Providing training and development opportunities to our workforce is not simply a matter of getting more from our people. We know that work should be challenging, rewarding and stimulating – providing new opportunities to overcome obstacles and develop skills. With this in mind, we make sure that all Kier staff across every part of the business have regular opportunities to learn and grow.

Cultivating the next generation of talent is vital to our success. Instead of waiting for young people to learn the skills we want, we strive to provide those opportunities through work experience, apprenticeships, degree programmes and graduate development offerings.

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Want to know more about a career with Kier? Visit our website or contact our Careers Team. You can also head over to our Job Search page to see what we have to offer. 

Our blog also offers a great insight into working for Kier as well as the types of projects you could be involved in, job roles you could work within and future career paths you could aim for.

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