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About LittlePiggy

Kathy Ennis, the founder of LittlePiggy helps people get the business they want.

Kathy works with Entrepreneurs to transform their brilliant ideas into a profitable business. Whether they are just starting out, are ready to grow or want to make more sales she is there to help them take action, to achieve the success they deserve.

I became a Business Mentor because I know EXACTLY how amazing it feels to start out on your own, armed with a big idea, a strong work ethic, and a head full of dreams."

About Kathy

I’m here to help people achieve the success and the lifestyle they longed for, when they made that life-changing decision to start working for themselves. But I also understand how time starts running away from them.

There’s so much to do, and they're spinning so many different plates that they're permanently dizzy. Before they know it, their personal life has ground to a halt. They've stopped spending quality time with the people they love, and what happened to all those things they used to do for fun?

As if that wasn’t bad enough, profits aren’t exactly flowing in. It’s not as though they dreamed of putting their feet up on their own private, luxurious island… well, not yet, anyway. They're not even asking for business life to be all plain sailing (which is good, because it won’t be!) They'd just like more control over their time, that’s all. They want more financial security, and more freedom to enjoy their life in just the way they want to. Well, the great news is it’s ALL possible.


Kathy has experience of helping young people prepare for the workplace, which she is available to offer. She would also like to help young people understand the route to self-employment for those interested in going down the self-starter route.

For more information contact Kathy via the LittlePiggy website.

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