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We are a community social impact business. Our social aim is to improve the quality of leadership in the county of Norfolk.

Inspired by the spirit of Horatio Nelson, we support, encourage and develop the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow. Our main work is with Managing Directors and CEOs, and we bring them together so they can learn from, and get support and inspiration from, each other. The Norfolk Leaders Crew is a modern-day "band of brothers" (and sisters), made up of  Norfolk's business leaders, charity leaders, community leaders and young people (future leaders).

Young people are the leaders of tomorrow. Our aim is to support, inspire and grow them by supporting their leadership development and bringing them into contact with today's leaders. We have two programmes specifically aimed at supporting future leaders: Nelsonspirit Future Leaders fund and the Nelsonspirit Home First programme

Future Leaders Fund

The Nelsonspirit Future Leaders Fund is inspired by a leader of yesterday, funded by the leaders of today, to help the leaders of tomorrow.  

In the last four years the Future Leaders Fund has provided over 50 grants to Norfolk-based young people aged 17-24 years to help them grow as leaders, whilst helping others.

The young people have ventured to Bangladesh, Belize, Cambodia, Tanzania, Costa Rica/Nicaragua, India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Chile, Zimbabwe, Nepal, Morocco, Japan, Stafford and Attleborough to name a few and have made some incredible developments in communities around the world.

To be eligible for funding, young people need a community or adventure project that helps them grow as a leader whilst helping others. This could range from a 'gap year' project, such as volunteering abroad, to volunteering in your local community. It excludes any trips, projects and expeditions that are part of a programme of educational study, for example part of a university course. Please fill in the application form to apply for funding. Applications are accepted at any time of the year. The fund is managed by the Norfolk Community Foundation, and has an independent advisory panel who decide on the distribution of grants

Follow the link for further details on the application process

Nelsonspirit Home First Internships

Home First internships are offered to recent school leavers or graduates - the future leaders from Norfolk.  They are provided with accelerated development opportunities in business and the community before they progress into their first substantive career role. The intern works in a Norfolk based charity or business for a few months, gains skills, capability confidence and insight, through intensive training and mentoring, before spinning off to their next career move.

Applications are accepted at any time of the year. To apply, please email

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