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Year so far - Round up!

What a year so far for icanbea... with the first half being busier than any we can remember!

Site & Apps

There was no time for the post-holiday slump as we spent January hard at work auditing all of our content in preparation for our February site upgrade with the help of our developers.  The new version of icanbea... landed in early February and has been going from strength to strength with its new features such as our careers-wizard, new format organisations profiles, our brand new app (for Android and Apple) and tools like notifications and more! 

We are constantly looking for ways to improve the platform and putting in new tools and options - for job seekers and employers.  If you've got opportunities to advertise then you can now use our new streamlined posting section and profile editor!  We're also scoping the potential for teacher dashboards and new options for students to explore the word of work. 


As of the end of July this year, icanbea... has seen close to 23,000 visitors and almost 158,000 page views!  The number of registered users liking, following and using accounts on the site was over five thousand with sign-ups from over a hundred schools across Norfolk & Suffolk.  With 22 Industries to explore, more than 2000 videos and over 260 profiled employers and other opportunity providers -  if you haven't yet looked to see what icanbea... has offer organisations, schools, students and job seekers - then what are you waiting for!?

Working Together

One of our goals this year was to reach out to other supporting organisations who get the icanbea... message and who want to help us push it out to organisations and individuals who benefit from its free tools and information - organisations like Inspire Suffolk who facilitate The Prince's Trust's 12-week programme, which supports young people who are 16-25 years old and are not in employment, education or training living across Suffolk.


We're delighted to announce that West Suffolk College are now working with us - not only to make their job and apprenticeship offerings available through the site, but also to help engage other educational establishments and work with them to see what the site and apps could do for them and their students.  It also gives us great pleasure to reveal that we are now working with the Department of Work and Pensions in both counties to support young job seekers through support of initiatives like their '4jobs' and 'Monday Club' programs.  We're already working with groups of job seekers to show them how to research potential employers and opportunities through the icanbea... platform whilst also helping the DWP with activities such as mock interviews.  The DWP themselves are also starting to use the icanbea... platform in the various job centres and in their interactions with young people.  We run training here at the trust for groups of advisers and are currently supported with by DWP secondment to get both advisors and employers on board.  Together we can make a difference

Workshops and 'Renew Your Future'

So what else have we been doing?  Well, our schools engagement program has been gathering pace with the team delivering over 25 icanbea... interactions in the first half of the year to schools and colleges across Suffolk and Norfolk.  Aside from our usual offerings of icanbea... workshops and support to careers fairs - we've been building on the energy talks we provided to schools last year with ScottishPower Renewables.  This time around we're working with the Sheringham Shoal and Dudgeon Wind Farms through their respective community funds - which we successfully bidded for (twice!) to deliver to schools right around the coast of both counties!  We delivered our first 'Renew Your Future' at Flegg High Ormiston Academy on the 25h of June - introducing students over a full day to two professionals from Dudgeon, explaining the importance and career opportunities in local offshore wind.  The day was full of learning, design and building activities - with teams competing to build the most efficient and profitable Technic LEGO turbine complete with car race at the end!  More workshops followed at Cromer Academy on the 4th of July and Stalham High School on the 13th of July.  Watch out for the latest updates and pictures from students and we'll do a full report later in the year.

What can we do for you?

  • If your're 12-25 living in Norfolk and Suffolk and looking for jobs or career options - use icanbea... to research and identify the sectors and organisations you'd like to work for!  Sign-up and follow the things that interest you to get opportunity notifications from the job feedThe Mason Trust (that's us, too!) might be able to help you as well.
  • If you work for a school or college, get in touch with us to see how we could support your careers programme.
  • If you're an employer or organisation that has opportunities for young people, why not take free profile to promote your contributions to your sector and shout about those opportunities?
  • If you're a supporting organisation that would like to use icanbea... as part of your own programme - let us know - we can send you information, meet to see how we can help and deliver training on how to use the platform.

Next up...

Keep an eye on the posts below to see highlights of what we're up to and we'll be back with a round up in no time.

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