About Us

We’re Queue Technology. We’re a software company who create virtual and physical solutions to keep you ahead of the game. We work to solve everyday issues for businesses across the country in ways that are affordable, simple and incredibly effective. 

Our products

  • Queue Link 
    Queue Link takes limits off the table to create powerful, case-specific mobile web apps in as little as hours. Lead generation, pre-sale journey, digital business cards.. you name it, it does it. 

  • Queue Pay  
    Queue Pay is the modern charity’s choice for simplifying and streamlining real world or online cashless fundraisers. We help charities raise the most they can in the best ways possible through bespoke full-service packages, or for small charity and individual fundraisers, a seamless way to start raising straight away with Queue Donate; our super fast QR fundraising software.

  • The Virtual High Street
    The Virtual High Street is a one-stop destination for supporting local business online. Backed by Mid-Suffolk & Babergh Council, The Virtual High Street gives local businesses access to business development tools and a platform to sell products or services without the competition of major online marketplaces, as well as giving a place for locals to keep up-to-date with the latest in their community. For the 300 businesses across 5 towns that use it, The Virtual High Street has proven an invaluable asset in generating new business and sales in a supportive, ever-growing environment. For councils, it brings their communities closer, helps them gather insight into their communities’ habits, and supports the resurgence of high street retail through a fair license cost with plenty of opportunity to reclaim it.

For more information or to get in touch visit: https://queue.technology/  

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