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Healing Hypnotherapy| Emotional Freedom Technique| Intuitive coaching| Shibashi Qigong Tai Chi for health| Neuro Linguistic Programming| Fatigue support| Qigong circles| Soulful retreats.

Stella Rose Sheldon created this space to support people to open their life up to more vitality and healing. She knows that therapy and intuitive coaching have incredible power for lasting and significant change. She believes therapy is for everyone and necessary for an aligned and authentic life.

Most of us come into this world knowing we are whole and loveable, with a healthy nervous system. Along the way we have learnt we need to prove ourselves worthy in order to feel safe and loved, which is a collective traumatic wound. As our life unfolds, we collect many small t and big T traumas that throw our nervous system into disarray.

We are seeing a cultural epidemic of chronic stress and trauma, resulting in a wide range of health issues. Stella can remember as a child feeling something was wrong with her and as she got older had numerous health issues from IBS and anxiety to depression and addiction.

Sessions are beautifully holistic, and depending on the clients desired goals Stella will use a combination of hypnosis, EFT, NLP coaching techniques and mindfulness approaches. All therapy techniques used are a part of her own personal self-care and spiritual practice.

For more information visit the Soul Space Unlimited website.

Stella Rose Sheldon, the Founder and leading therapist at Soul Space is qualified in a range of areas of therapy and has a broad spectrum of experience under her belt:

  • Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • Accredited NLP practitioner coach
  • Accredited EFT practitioner
  • CPD & Supervision commitment 
  • Qigong Shibashi instructor
  • Chen Tai Chi student
  • Reiki energy trained
  • 10+ years in community support and social care
  • MA Philosophy | Ba (Hons) Fine art
  • Arts and wellbeing facilitator
  • Lived experience with chronic illness|
  • M.E/CFS recovery journey 

Career Opportunities

Many young people don't consider a career as a therapist when they're trying to figure out what they want to do with their life. Often people come to this profession later in life after more life experience, but this is not necessarily the case. If you want to make a difference, enjoy working independently and are motivated to manage your own diary, then training as a therapist could be a good option. 

Whilst you need to be sensitive and empathetic, you also need strong boundaries that allow you to switch off and not 'take on' other people's problems. This is a skill that can be learnt. A good therapist is always curious about the human condition and ready to learn, accepting they do not have all the answers. It also requires a continuous journey of self-development, including receiving therapy and supervisions, so you would need to be willing to explore your inner world, including challenging parts of you. 

If this sounds like an avenue you'd like to explore, there are many different kinds of therapists out there and different routes into becoming a qualified therapist. Why not do some research into courses and see what options appeal to you.

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