Thrive Safe

10 Queen Street, Ipswich, IP1 1SS

About Us

Thrive Safe began conceptually in 2019 and has been developed into the current business model.

The company was created after identifying a need to merge education on abuse/trauma and how it impacts people, combined with a desire for people to feel empowered to manage their own wellbeing and support others in the process.

Thrive Safe provides workshops and 1:1 support for individuals, work places and education providers to understand the impact of trauma and abuse, stress management and proactive mental health management. 

​We provide information and guidance on improving coping strategies and techniques in response to someone making a disclosure and their identified support needs.

​Thrive Safe is working to support people to be able to engage in guided self care to manage their wellbeing as well as helping signpost to wider support services available to them.

Our Values

  • Integrity and accountability
  • Diligence and dedication
  • Learning and development
  • Passionate and compassionate
  • Respect for equality and diversity

Thrive Safe has a zero tolerance policy for discrimination of any form.

Thrive Safe is committed to creating an environment where anyone that comes in contact with our services feels safe from discrimination.

​We believe that everyone we speak to and meet with deserves respect and to be treated fairly, not just by us but also from other people accessing our services.

For more information go to the Thrive Safe Website: 

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