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United Kingdon, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Netherlands, EC4Y 0AH

Vattenfall's main products are electricity, heat and gas

Vattenfall is 100% owned by the Swedish state. ‘Vattenfall’ means waterfall in Swedish.

Vattenfall’s vision is to Power Climate Smarter Living… within one generation. To do this it is focussed on a fossil free future.

Vattenfall is involved in producing electricity from many sources, but is phasing out fossil-fuel based production and investing in renewable generation – including wind and solar PV. It is also investing in battery storage, so that the electricity it generates can be utilised when and where it is needed. Vattenfall plans to grow by up to 600 MW annually and invest up to EUR 5 billion in renewable electricity generation in the next five years.

Vattenfall is one of Europe’s largest producers of electricity and heat. It has more than 14 million customers across Europe and in 2018 it produced 130 TWh of electricity. Main markets are in Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland and the UK. Link here for Vattenfall in brief.

Vattenfall's overarching strategy is focussed on strengthening the company's customer focus and on transforming to a more sustainable energy portfolio. If you want to know more about our strategy, you can visit our Sustainability reporting pages


Vattenfall has over 20,000 employees and is one of the largest wind power developers and operators in Europe. It plans to continue expanding its wind business and to invest in developing offshore windfarms in the UK.

We operate 43 onshore and 11 offshore wind farms in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK. In 2018 these turbines generated approximately 2.8 GW of electricity annually with the UK producing a total of 1.1 GW. Vattenfall sees significant growth opportunities within wind power.

Operational offshore wind farms include; Kentish Flats, Ormonde and Thanet, Aberdeen OWDC (a demonstration and test bed for the latest research and development). Onshore there are 7 fully operational wind farms, including the latest 76 wind turbine development, Pen y Cymoedd in South Wales. Link here for more information on operational wind farms.


Current offshore projects include the Thanet Extension (off the coast of Kent). Meanwhile, in Norfolk we are proposing to develop two offshore wind farms called Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas. Each will generate 1.8GW of electricity and be located more than 47km from the Norfolk Coast. Each would meet the electricity demands of more than 1.3 million UK households and together that would be nearly 10% of the UK’s domestic electricity supply. Link here for more information about our wind farm projects.


Have a look at our main career page “Working at Vattenfall”

If you are ready to make a difference, then at Vattenfall we believe that we can shape the future and provide society with a clean, secure and sustainable energy supply.  Do you want to know what it is like to work at Vattenfall? Here you can explore our work culture, benefit packages, development opportunities, and more. Meet some of our people and learn about their work.  First, take a look at our Making the difference video.

Vattenfall’s core values

Safety, performance and cooperation – are a natural part of our daily working life and guide our behaviour.

Diversity and Inclusion in everything we do

We aspire to be a role model in the area of diversity and inclusion.

Making the Difference

It’s our belief in each other’s abilities to perform that makes the difference. Shape it, share it and perform in it.

Vattenfall gives its employees plenty of scope to use their initiative and to development. We take the time to identify areas for improvement, and appreciate people who are proactive. We understand that some mistakes will be made and accept this, as long as they happen in the pursuit of new ideas.

Students and graduates

Take a look at our Student and Graduate pages. and general career pages

At Vattenfall, we know that the future of energy will be shaped by the bright minds of today. That's why we value our close collaborations with students and graduates from across the globe.

Whether you are at the start or the end of your higher education, we have a range of opportunities available to help students and graduates fulfil their potential:

Graduates - The International Trainee Programme  

We're always looking for new talent with the right qualifications to join us. Our renowned, award winning, International Trainee Programme offers graduates the chance to grow and develop within our company through formal training and tailored responsibilities. This programme is run every 2 years.

For more information, please have a look at our International Trainee Programme - link here

Vattenfall’s work in Norfolk and the East of England has only just begun, but over time we hope to develop opportunities that will support and enable young people living locally  to develop the skills needed by our industry – and to possibly become Vattenfall’s workforce of the future. You can get a taste of what exists in other countries below.


An internship at Vattenfall will give you the chance to gain invaluable work experience in a relevant discipline as well as applying your knowledge in a practical setting. It could also jumpstart your career. In fact, many of our interns have gone on to develop careers at Vattenfall.

After your internship, there may also be the opportunity for you to continue with us as a "working student", which means you can work part-time alongside your studies or during a study break.

For more information, select a relevant country website:
Germany (opens in German)
The Netherlands (opens in Dutch)
Sweden (opens in Swedish)

Thesis projects

Hundreds of students write their thesis projects at Vattenfall each year. You will get to collaborate with our talented employees and gain further knowledge of your chosen subject area. It's a great opportunity for us to get to know each other and share ideas. Our first Norfolk Masters student from UEA is currently completing a Masters thesis on Consultation, and we hope to offer more opportunities, but you can get a taste for the thesis projects in Germany here.

Find out more

To find out more about us and the opportunities we could offer you, follow us here on icanbea.. and use the links provided to our website. It may also useful to look at our Out and About web pages.

Finally, do follow us on Twitter (@VattenfallUK) and LinkedIn or visit us on our UK Facebook page

Vattenfall's job pages can be found on LinkedIn and our own website - 'search for jobs' section

Susan Falch-Lovesey is Vattenfall’s Local Liaison Officer and Skills Champion for Vattenfall's Norfolk Vanguard and Norfolk Boreas Projects;

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