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Sizewell C, a proposed new nuclear power station in Suffolk, has the potential to generate the reliable low carbon electricity the country needs for decades to come. It will also make a lasting positive difference to the economy in the east of England.

Did you know that we want to recruit at least a third of the construction workforce from the local area and aim to offer 1,500 apprenticeships during that time and 900 skilled roles when the station is operational?

We want to maximise the benefits of Sizewell C for the local area and for us that starts with local schools, colleges and apprenticeships.  That’s why we have launched Young Sizewell C and worked with our contractors to increase the number of apprenticeships on offer.

Britain has committed to eliminating harmful carbon emissions by 2050. This goal is referred to as ‘Net Zero’. To achieve it we need to stop using polluting fossil fuels, such as coal and gas, while increasing generation from renewables and nuclear. Sizewell C would provide dependable baseload electricity which, along with renewables such as wind and solar energy, will support the growth of the future low carbon economy and reduce the need for imported generation. 

Jobs and skills for young people

Are you aged 16-21 and living in Suffolk or Norfolk?

The Young Sizewell C programme helps connect young people to in-demand career and apprenticeship opportunities in the region. This includes jobs in Suffolk and Norfolk, as well as providing information and updates on the future Sizewell C project.

Whether you’re still at school or college, in or out of the workplace, or not sure about what you want to be, we want to help you fast-track your future. Learn more from our apprentices, graduates and employees on what it’s like to work at a nuclear power station in our employment prospectus.

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Our apprentices will be trained in a wide variety of construction and mechinal roles including digital engineering, welding, project controls, and steel-fixing.
The first apprentices have just been recruited. 

Poppy went to Thomas Mills High School in Framlingham before securing a graduate apprenticeship with Sizewell B afer a work placement at the power station. To help students in the area get to see inside the station where she works, poppy created a film of Sizewell B. Watch here

Built by Us

Young HPC and our sister Project Hinkley Point C 

Bridgwater student, Megan attended the first Young HPC event in 2017 and proceeded to start her apprenticeship as a project controls technician in March 2018.Megan realised that the Project Controls Apprenticeship would be the perfect role to build a career that could be transferable all over the world and across different industries.

Callum is from Bridgwater and went to school at Robert Blake Science College, only a few miles from the Hinkley Point C site. After attending an apprenticeship event, he was inspired to find out what a career as an apprenticeship at Hinkley Point C could bring. He now works for main civils contractor, BYLOR, as a formwork carpenter – a vital part of the concrete pouring process. A rising star on the project, Callum was a winner at the 2018 Bridgwater and Taunton College Apprenticeship Awards.

Watch Megan's and Callum's Story here. 

"Young HPC gave me the tools I needed to find my way into an industry that might otherwise be difficult. My apprenticeship also provides an amazing way to study and learn, whilst networking with knowledgeable like-minded people, something you wouldnt always get at college. - Megan Handley Project Controls Apprentice" 

“I went to an apprentice event where the team talked about building the first nuclear power station for 30 years – it was really interesting! I really wanted a change in career to something that was a bit more hands on and this was an option that I didn’t even know was available. So far there have been loads of opportunities to grow as a person and to learn more skills for the future”. - Callum Matthews - Formwork Carpenter 

Our Employment and Training Prospectus 2021 gives a flavour of the many doors Sizewell C could open for people living in East Anglia. It sets out the ways the project will help to transform lives through:
  • A jobs service where we will work with the local Youth Employment Service and Jobs Centres to ensure local communities know what employment opportunities are available.
  • A fund to enhance facilities and resources for colleges and training providers in the region so that we have a local workforce with the right skills.
  • A bursary scheme that aims to remove barriers, ensuring education and training is accessible to all.
  • Pre-employment training and outreach initiatives to maximise opportunities for economically disadvantaged and hard-to-reach groups. We will do this in close partnership with the Local Enterprise Partnership, Councils, the Department for Work and Pensions and voluntary groups.

Hinkley Point C in Somerset is the first new nuclear power station to be built in a generation. Now four years into construction the project is going beyond what we set out to achieve for job creation, apprenticeships and investment in the local economy. Sizewell has the potential to do the same.

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