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17th June 2024

Hear young professionals talking about how they got into the industry and what love about it!

Does a job using amazing technology appeal to you? Let these four young professionals show you their daily work using technology in farming. Call them technicians, operators, specialists.  In these videos, Alex, Emma, Molly and Matt talk about their fascinating work, show you a typical day and also how they got there. A farming employer gives you his advice on how to get a job as a technician or with technology in agriculture.

Rewarding, worthwhile and satisfying: is that the kind of job you would like? Consider a job in management in agriculture! Jim, Grace and George are young professionals with fascinating careers in management in farming crops like sugar beet, potatoes and fresh produce (salads etc). They show you a typical day at work for them and explain how they got in to their careers and what gives them job satisfaction. Careers advice is given by employer Ed Cannon.

Does a job using science that is interesting, useful and with lots of career potential interest you? Hear these three young agri-professionals explain their work applying science to agriculture. Hazel, Alistair and Suzannah chose different routes to their jobs and now all love what they do. Join them in their daily work. You get advice on how you could find your career in science in agriculture from employer and lecturer Professor Debbie Sparkes.

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