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11th June 2024

The hospitality industry covers everything from bars, restaurants, hotels, coffee shops, contract catering to nightclubs and visitor attractions.  

Job ideas for Hospitality

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The 'Visitor Economy' describes the whole environment in which visitors, local businesses and service providers interact with one another in a given location.  This could be a city, town or less defined rural area - but Visitor Economy as an employment sector focuses on all the elements that attract people to a region along with the infrastructure, services and economy that supports and benefits from such visits.

Because the sector encompasses offerings for all types of 'visitor' as well as some jobs that support visitors indirectly, the work isn't necessarily seasonal as has been traditionally associated with tourism and hospitality. Regional investment in businesses and education for this sector also means that training, pay and progression opportunities might be more attractive now than what might have been expected in the past.

Job Ideas for the Visitor Economy 

Air Cabin CrewBaristaBeauty TherapistEntertainer •  Events ManagerGreenkeeper •  Hotel Manager •  Museum CuratorMusicianRacecourse Staff • Restaurant Manager • Stage Manager •  Taxi DriverTour GuideWaitress / Waiter 

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