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Overview of the RAF

The RAF is the UK's aerial, peacekeeping and fighting force. Its primary role at home is to defend the UK's airspace which is done through reconnaissance, intelligence gathering, surveillance and cutting-edge technology that enables rapid response.

They also work abroad to help police the skies and support peacekeeping in trouble spots around the globe. This is through temporary deployments overseas or permanent commitments in bases such as the Falkland Islands where personnel are based to maintain stability in the region.

As well as protecting our nation and providing peacekeeping aid to other nations, the RAF are also involved in other activities in the UK and abroad.

In the UK they are involved in community projects, raising money for charities, protecting the environment as well as the ceremonial events and the world famous aerobatic display. Abroad they provide humanitarian aid to victims of war and natural disasters, delivering life-saving shelters and food supplies in disaster zones.


The RAF is made up of full-time regulars and spare-time Reserves that work side by side.

Full time Regulars can be posted in the UK or all over the world, they mostly work a normal five day week and have evenings and weekends to themselves but this is not always the case, they do what is needed to get the job done and sometimes this can mean working around the clock, going on a mission at a moment's notice or transferring to a new location.

RAF Reserves serve alongside Regulars in the UK and overseas. A reserve will live a normal life with their own career and use their spare-time to develop skills, increase self-confidence and enjoy the challenge and adventure of the RAF.

A career in the RAF offers many benefits and opportunities with over 50 different job roles ranging from pilots and drivers to nurses and chefs, the prospects are endless.

Have a look at the RAF recruitment website which will provide you with further details!

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Did You Know?
Whilst completing his Apache helicopter pilot training, Prince Harry was based at Wattisham.
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