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Cambridge Rapid

10-11 Boundary Road, Haverhill, Suffolk, CB9 7YN

Providing Engineering Solutions since 1987.

Complete Manufacturing process. 

From design to prototype to full production, we offer the full range of precision sheet metal work and other services and will even assemble at the end – a complete one stop shop! 

About Us

Cambridge Rapid started in a small unit in Saffron Walden, Essex over the last thirty years the company has expanded and at the end of 2018 was located in three interconnected units on the Shire Hill Industrial Estate.

2019 saw the company relocate to Haverhill in Suffolk, supported by a Suffolk Growth Fund grant. The new factory was a single building and the company invested in both laser technology and a new folding machine with full offline programming. This enabled the company to substantially increase its capacity which has also allowed shorter lead times to be introduced.

The company serves many customers from a variety of industries, scientific, laboratory, furnace and motor to name just a few.

Our expert knowledge of the processing of stainless steels, means that we work in all grades including high temperature variations.

With new technology and full offline programming, it mean components can be processed from models which allows reduced programming costs and increased accuracy as they are manufactured how they are designed.

Steve and Esther lead a multi-skilled workforce dedicated to serving its customers. Lean engineering has been introduced, along with visual management throughout the factory.

Continuous improvement is embedded in the ethos of the company and we invest not only in the technological advances that improves our customer products but also in our staff who all put our customers first.

Our Services

  • Design & Prototyping 
    Cambridge Rapid can get involved with projects at anytime during the design process. Some customers engage with us when they just know that they want a design updated and have no fixed ideas.
  • Laser Cutting 
    Cambridge Rapid invested in a Trulaser 1030 in 2019. The Trulaser is a very economical machine with low operating costs and a high level of productivity.
  • CNC Punching
    CNC punching provides a cost-efficient manufacturing process and our machine can emboss, form, engrave, and also deburr.
  • Folding & Forming
    Cambridge Rapid has three press brakes which enable us to match the capacity of the laser and punching machine.
  • Welding
    We undertake both MIG and TIG welding and most of our employees are trained in welding. We weld a wide range of materials from Aluminuim, Mild Steel and various grades of Stainless Steel.
  • Mechanical Assembly 
    We have the full range of assembly equipment, from a Haeger Press to add bushes and studs, to rivet guns and avdel guns and also the trusty screwdriver.
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless requires no secondary process such as painting or plating and is a resilient material that can make you product the best it can be.


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