Travel and Transport to education / work

Travel and Transport to education / work

Transport can be a key issue, especially if you live in a rural location - it can have an impact on the choices you make about where you learn and work. You might be nervous or inexperienced when it comes to using public transport, but its actually quite common!  Finding ways to overcome travel issues using different services can make a huge difference to your confidence and independence...and the opportunities that you can take advantage of.  

  • Use a service like Google Maps (or similar) to get an overview of your proposed journey
    • Most online map services allow you to put in a starting and destination postcode and will show you various routes, distances and travel times
    • Make sure you know roughly where in the county or country you are going by using the map
    • Use a 'streetview' or similar tool to explore the destination area - this can really help you to feel more confident about where you are going when you step off the train or bus.  You can even 'walk' the route using street view tools to practice before you go.
  • Use an online travel service to find a route, time and price for public transport* that suits your needs.  (We've listed some examples below)
    • *....or check that your own vehicle or lift-sharing arrangements suite your travel requirements, and are safe and reliable 
  • Do it!  Make sure your phone is charged and take a bottle of water!
    • If you are anxious about travelling, practice can make travel easier and less daunting
    • See if someone will travel with you on short practice trips to increase your confidence
    • Tell someone where you are going and roughly what time you should arrive / get back.     

The following links provide information on the transport options in your region and how to apply for discount cards.


Norfolk County Council
- Find your transport 
this tool helps you to find out which transport services operate in your area.
- NCC also have list of bus and train companies that offer discounts for young people aged 16-19 (These may be more cost effective than Norfolk County Council's post-16 travel scheme.)

Norfolk buses
- Bus times and Journey Planner 

Norfolk County Council
Post 16 travel scheme - support to students studying further education at Sixth Form or College.  It's also worth checking with you local bus operator to see what discounts they offer.

TITAN Travel Training
- Norfolk County Council offers a travel training scheme for young people with special educational needs and disabilities, allowing them to become more independent and increase their confidence. 


Suffolk on Board
- Journey Planner helps you plan routes and promotes sustainable travel as an alternative to the car for everyday travel. 

Suffolk County Council
- Endeavour Card - If you are aged between 16 - 19 you can apply for an Endeavour card which will enable you to receive a minimum of 25% discount off full price adult bus fares.

Suffolk Travel Training
- Suffolk County Council have a contract with Essex County Council to deliver travel training to students and adults with special educational needs or disabilities in schools, colleges and adult day care services/accessing the community in Suffolk. 

Both Counties

- Lets you plan bus, rail, coach journeys across the country.

First Bus times and tickets for Norfolk and Suffolk.
Sanders Coaches - tickets and timing for Norfolk & Norwich buses.

Trainline is a one-stop-shop for train and coach travel.
Greater Anglia: Tickets for transport on the GA service.

Services like Scoots Hire and Kickstart offer affordable drive-yourself moped rental at day rates.  Some services even offer funding.

Did you know? Local authorities often operate travel training for young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).  Visit your local or county council website and look for travel training schemes.

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