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Job Description

An Airline Pilot will transport passengers or cargo this could be long or short haul flights. There are normally two pilots on the plane the Captain and his first officer. The Captain is in command of the aircraft but will have help from the first officer. They will take it in turns to fly the aircraft to avoid fatigue. The Captain has overall responsibility for the safety and operation of the aircraft and the safety of crew and passengers.

Entry Requirements

To begin training as a pilot you will need at least two A levels ideally including physics and maths. In order to work as an airline pilot you will need an Airline Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) this will initially be frozen but will allow you to fly as a first officer, once you have enough flying hours you can apply for a full ATPL.

Required Skills

  • Good technical abilities
  • A good team leader with the ability to give clear instructions and make decisions
  • Able to keep calm if difficult situations should arise
  • Self confidence and commitment
  • Well presented, reliable

Starting Salary

£24,000 to £140,000

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