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Job Description

Chemical engineering technicians help chemical engineers to research, develop and manufacture plastics, medicines, foods, textiles and fuel.

Entry Requirements

You'll usually need to complete a college course in chemistry or engineering and then apply to a company for a trainee position. 

You’ll need colour-normal vision and no skin allergies for some jobs. 

You could get into this job through an apprenticeship.

The Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) and Cogent Skills have more information about a career in the chemicals industry.

Career Path and Progression

With experience, you could become a shift supervisor, eventually moving into maintenance or production management. 

You could also move into materials development and design, quality control or sales and marketing.

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Required Skills

  • chemistry and maths skills
  • spoken and written communication skills
  • the ability to understand and present scientific data
  • excellent IT skills
  • problem-solving ability

Starting Salary

£18,000 to £35,000

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