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Job Description

Choreographers work with the production artists, as well as the arts department as a whole to create a dance routine in a TV or film production, and help train and teach it to the actors that will be performing it in the production. Salaries vary widely depending on whether you work freelance or are employed.  Hours can be unsociable often working long daytime hours.

Entry Requirements

There are degrees in Choreography and Dance which may be beneficial, but experience and passion for the work can sometimes be more highly regarded.  You will need a high level of dance training and experience, most choreographers start as professional dancers and combine this with choreography.  You can often become an assistant choreographer after being a dance captain who leads and rehearses other dancers but does not create the steps.

Required Skills

A high level of dancing ability, good teaching and communication skills, creative, patience, able to concentrate for long periods of time, ability to work well with others, a thorough knowledge of dance and movement.

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