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Job Description

Civil Engineers will plan, design and manage a huge range of construction projects such as bridges, dams, buildings, airports, offshore platforms and roads.  Consulting civil engineers are responsible for the design of a project, while contracting civil engineers turn these plans into reality.

Entry Requirements

You will normally need a Bachelor of Engineering degree (BEng) or a four year Masters degree (MEng) in civil engineering.  To get onto the degree course you will need at least five GCSE's (A-C or 4-9) and two or three A levels including maths and a science subject.  It is possible to work your way up to become an engineer by starting as an engineering technician.

Required Skills

You will need to be good at maths and science, have excellent IT skills, the ability to understand plans and designs and explain them to others, able to make decisions and meet deadlines, good communication skills and able to work well in a team.

Starting Salary

£19,000 to £23,000

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