Job Description

Dentists will diagnose and treat problems effecting the teeth and gums, they will extract and fill teeth, fit dentures and bridges, take x-rays and give local anaesthetic. They will also provide cosmetic treatments to improve the appearance of teeth and advise patients on effective cleaning techniques and mouth hygiene. Many dentists work in the community looking after private and NHS patients, some may work in hospitals carrying out reconstructive surgery for patients with facial injuries.

Entry Requirements

You will require a degree in dentistry approved by the General Dental Council which normally take 5 years to complete.  

Required Skills

Good hand to eye co-ordination, good interpersonal skills to understand patient problems and put them at their ease, strong communication skills, a caring and empathetic nature, a strong academic background and an interest in science, the ability to carry out delicate work and concentrate for long periods of time, leadership skills for managing the dental team, a commitment to continue professional development.

Starting Salary

£30,000 to £50,000

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