Job Description

Commercial divers work underwater at sea, or in rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs using scuba gear to inspect, repair, remove or install equipment, structures or vessels. They may use power or hand tools and welding equipment to complete various tasks.  Tasks could include testing for cracks on the legs of oil rigs at sea, replacing missing rivets on vessels, laying, repairing or inspecting underwater pipelines, searching for lost, messing or sunken objects or working in flooded mines.

Entry Requirements

Before you begin professional diver training you will need to pass a medical carried out by a doctor approved by the Health and Safety Executive.  You don't necessarily need academic qualifications to learn diving skills but to work as a commercial diver you will need the right skills for the industry that you are going to work in. Qualifications in welding, a degree in oceanography or marine biology for scientific diving, a degree in engineering for offshore diving would be beneficial.

Required Skills

You will need excellent swimming abilities, stamina and fitness, you would also need to keep calm under pressure and have good levels of concentration under demanding conditions.

Starting Salary

£40,000 to £65,000

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