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Job Description

The Job of a Dog Groomer is to bathe, brush, trim, clip nails, clean ears, dry and style fur and general improve the physical appearance of the dog. They will also give the owners advice on nutrition and caring for their dog.  Dog groomers work in a variety of settings including kennels, pet stores or in the pet owners home.

Entry Requirements

No particular qualifications are required for this role but a diploma in work based animal care would be beneficial. Many dog groomers start up their own business and are self employed.  You may be able to get started through an apprenticeship and work experience at a kennels would help.

Required Skills

To be a dog groomer you will need to have a love of dogs and be able to handle them firmly but gently. You will require patience and have the ability to calm nervous animals.

Starting Salary

£14,000 to £15,000

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