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Job Description

Works with people who make textiles, fabrics and other materials which are used to produce the clothing that has been designed by the clothing company. They work to improve the materials that they are offering to fit the needs of the design that is being proposed, as well as deciding which materials would be the best in terms of appearance, quality and strength. They will use these ideas to choose which manufacturing techniques will be used; this will give an indication of the likely price of the item of clothing which helps in deciding if the design is feasible.

Entry Requirements

You will need 1 or 2 years' experience as a Fabric Technologist's Assistant to progress to this job. Alternatively, you can obtain a Degree in a Fashion or Textiles related course and move straight into this job. This may require you to have GCSE's in Art, Textiles, Graphics or similar, followed by a BTEC or an HND in a similar subject, or A-Levels in art, graphics, textiles or product design. Check the entry requirements of the courses you're interested in, and remember to keep a portfolio of all the projects you complete!

Required Skills

  • A strong interest in the fashion industry
  • Good practical skills
  • The ability to work well as part of a team
  • Good problem solving abilities
  • A good understanding of computer technology
  • The ability to prioritise and work to deadlines

Starting Salary

£15,000 to £19,000

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