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Job Description

The Harbour Master will manage the movement of vessels within the harbour as well as deciding when ships can enter and leave, this could include leisure and commercial vessels. They will also be involved in managing environmental issues, monitoring pollution levels and must be familiar with all relevant safety, environmental and health laws at international, national and local levels.

Entry Requirements

Most Harbour Masters will start their maritime career at sea and move to the onshore role of Harbour Master after many years of experience and will have reached the level of Master Mariner which gives them the professional qualification (STCW Master's certificate of competency) required to serve as the Captain of a commercial vessel of any size or any type. While being a Master Mariner is not essential for the role of Harbour Master, it is a qualification that most hold.

A good starting point would be to enroll as a deck cadet, which you can do through the following organisations:

The SSTG (Ship Safe Training Group) 

Chiltern Maritime

Clyde Marine

Royal Navy

Solent University


Required Skills

  • Excellent decision making skills
  • Good communication abilities
  • Able to keep calm in emergency situations
  • Good problem solving abilities
  • A good understanding of environmental issues
  • Good leadership skills
  • The willingness to work unsocial hours when required

Salary Range

£25,000 to £80,000

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