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Job Description

As a Movement Controller, your work is vital for keeping the Army moving. Getting it to where it needs to be no matter where that is in the world. It is your job to direct and prepare troops, vehicles and equipment for transport by air, road, rail and sea. You need to be able to think on your feet, be organised and a good communicator. The role provides opportunities to travel and gain qualifications that are recognised outside of the Army too.

Entry Requirements

Age: 16 years 3 months - 35 years 6 months

Qualifications: GCSE Grade 9 to 4 (A* to C) in at least English Language and maths. 


  • Mid Thigh Pull 46kg
  • Medicine Ball Throw 2.9m
  • 2km run 11m 15s (11m 30s for Junior Entry)

More information about the fitness test

Training for the role

Step 1
You'll start with your initial military training which will teach you how to be a soldier - this will cover everything from fieldcraft to handling a rifle. If you join as a Junior Soldier (under 17 years 5 months), you’ll do a 23-week basic military training course at Harrogate. If you join as a Regular Soldier (over 17 years 1 month), you’ll do the regular 14-week adult basic training.

Step 2
Next, you will undertake your 15-week Combat Logistician course at the Defence School of Transport in Leconfield. During this, you will earn your Category C+E Driving Licence and study general service driver modules. This training also gives you the opportunity to gain a broader knowledge on the Royal Logistic Corps functions and roles.

Step 3
You will then complete several courses, including:

Qualifications you could get after training

  • Level 2 Certificate Logistics & Transport
  • Level 3 Certificate Global Logistics
  • Level 5 Diploma Logistics & Transport
  • BSc (Hons) Logistic Management (University of Lincoln)
  • International Trade & Logistic Operations Apprenticeship
  • Level 2 Aviation Customer Service Operative

How to apply

Once your online application has been approved, you'll meet with a local recruiter. This is your chance to tell us about the role that you're interested in. When you go to the Assessment Centre,you'll take tests - the results will show whether you'd be suitable for this role, or should consider a different role.

Required Skills

  • active
  • organised 
  • confident 
  • friendly 
  • good team player 

Go to the  British Army website for further information about becoming a Movement Controller.

Salary Range

£15,985 to £20,400 (plus the benefits)

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